Should “Fakes” Get So Much Flak?

“Famous Actress Wears Fake Designer T-Shirt!”
“Actress Spotted Wearing Seemingly Fake Designer Shoe!”

Lately local celebrity “news” sites have been rife with these types of stories. If it isn’t about celebrities wearing “fake” designer clothing it’s about them wearing too many pieces of genuine designer clothing. What gives?
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Part 3 of My Beauty and the Beast Prequel Story, Enchantress!

If you’ve been reading this story since Part 1, I must say THANK YOU!!! It means a whole lot to me for people to actually read the stuff I write, and even more when they actually like it enough to read to the end! So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

This is the final part of the Beauty and the Beast prequel story I wrote, which finally ties together with the original tale as old as time. 🙂
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