5 More Signs that Prove that Yes, I’m Now Old…er

I had my thirtieth birthday last month. That’s right. I am now thirty. THREE-OHHHH.

Haha just kidding. I know 30 isn’t exactly considered old and age is just a number, but thirty is where you’re officially not part of the “youth” group anymore.

yeah… this is how I react to “kids” now. (imgur)

You know how at large family gatherings the aunts refer to that one group in the corner as “the kids”? Yeah, I am officially not part of that group anymore. I’m part of the titas now.

Despite my seeming clinginess to youth and childish things however, I can say for certain that I am actually doing pretty well as an official adult… at least in terms of how the rest of my peers are doing. I know because I checked the most relevant, indisputable list there is: Buzzfeed’s list of 56 signs that you’re now older. (LOL. And the fact that I actually googled that further proves my point.) Though I can’t relate to some of these signs, I certainly can relate to most (particularly no.50), and I can even add FIVE MORE to that list based on my personal experiences:

  1. You go by a number of different names. Like a Russian spy, you’ve got more aliases than you can count. Your high school friends call you by a different name, your college friends call you by a different name, your work friends call you by a different name, and your family calls you by a barrel-full of different names. And though it may seem like you can’t keep track of them all, you very easily can.
  2. Adulting doesn’t seem so bad now. Heading to the bank, getting government-issued documents, paying bills, buying big items– these used to be intimidating and tiresome tasks. Now they’re just tiresome.

    …and I’m losing controoool
  3. Doing groceries is life. There’s something strangely satisfying about picking the perfect jar of peanut butter (crunchy and not overpriced) or head of cauliflower (not too big else the remains will rot in the fridge) from the grocery store; slowly going through your grocery list and getting each item you need; and arriving at the cashier with a total that’s just below your budget.
  4. Bigger bags are your new security blanket. I don’t know about you, but when I was younger the smaller your bag, the better. Nowadays, as cute as those purses and itty-bitty handbags may look there’s absolutely no way they’ll become your go-to bag. Unless you’re going to a formal event or are able to enlarge the capacity of a small bag a’la Hermione’s beaded handbag, you are going BIG. How else would you be able to bring your phone, planner, cosmetics, keys, wallet, wet wipes, alcohol, umbrella– and just about your entire life in one bag?

    My girl Kendall knows what I’m talking about. (at Ralph Lauren’s Spring/Summer 2017 show)
  5. Reminiscing and nostalgia are becoming dear, dear friends. Remember how jackstones, jumping rope and Chinese garter were THE most popular games ever? Remember when having your group picture taken and printed at Picture City was something you and your friends had to do every single time you went to the mall? And remember the time when parties were fun and exciting, and not distractions from what really matters in life, which is sleep? Yeah. Those were the days. (sigh.)

Feeling old yet? I know I am. But you know what? It’s really not as bad as the anti-aging product commercials have constantly, subliminally told us it would be. It actually feels… kind of good. 😉

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