A Precarious Pictorial on Pandanon Island

1. not securely held or in position; dangerously likely to fall or collapse.

2. dependent on chance; uncertain.

Okay, I know that seems like an odd title for a blog post, especially one that simply contains pictures of a slightly lumpy, wannabe-model chinita on a beach. Let me explain.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, my friends and I planned this island hopping trip a couple of weeks ago. A bangka was going to take us to a few islands off of Cordova, primarily Pandanon Island, which has a beautiful sandbar and these old structures that make excellent backdrops for pictorials.

me getting ready to have a pictorial of sorts
Seems my boyfriend is not that bad when it comes to taking candid pictures

As you’ll see in the rest of this post, we took full advantage of this beautiful beach by having a mini pictorial.

Artfully directed and shot by the amazing Zenica Joy!

While this whole pictorial was going on, little did my friends and I know that danger was very close by. Reports had surfaced that day that a local terrorist group had already arrived on the island of Bohol, which was a stone’s throw away from where we were happily clicking away on our phones!

This explains why, though we were oblivious at the time, our little pictorial in Pandanon was actually quite precarious indeed.

As precarious as that may have been though, looking back at it now I’m not only relieved and extremely grateful to God that we all got home safely, I’m also glad we enjoyed that whole trip. It’s not everyday that you get to visit and take pictures in such a gorgeous place. If we had known we were so close to danger though, we would NOT have gone ahead with our plans, TRUST ME!

Still all smiles (because ignorance is bliss!)
Girlfriends shot!

Lesson of the day: make sure you check the news before going ahead with your summer outing!



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