A Very Cebuano Shoot with Product of Uranus!

If you haven’t heard of Product of Uranus, you will now. Or rather, you’ll see it.

Product of Uranus is an established Cebuano clothing brand with a reputation of “making $#!T happen” and features clothing items that just evoke effortless cool. It was founded in 2009 and offers unique, high quality streetwear with great fits and bold, artistic prints. The current proprietor (a friend of mine) was the one who asked me if my SO and I could model the latest designs from the brand. The experience turned out to be a fun, laid back shoot and a great chance to explore and highlight some of Cebu’s most popular spots: Plaza Independencia, Fort San Pedro and Magellan’s Cross. Here are some of the shots from that afternoon:

In these pictures you’ll see the brand’s latest designs, the dye logo tee (the shirt I’m wearing) and the blend logo tee (shirt on my SO below).

Basically me checking my boyfie out lol

These designs may seem simple, but they definitely make a statement. And the quality of the shirts is awesome. I’m no expert, but I can tell just by the feel of the fabric and the double needle stitching that these tees are top quality. The print is quite something too. As you can see they’re the brand’s quirky logo in beautiful, bright colors, but what you can’t see is how soft and breathable that print actually is. Unlike large prints of the past, it’s airy and light so there’s none of that sweating under the print stuff.

Just look at that handsome guy… and his shirt ;p

All shots were taken by the incredible Mark Anthony Cosep. You can check out more of his work here.

Here’s a little candid shot when I just couldn’t contain the giggles haha

For more photos that didn’t make it to this post plus some behind-the-scenes shots, visit my Facebook page!


And to get your hands on these awesome tees and other great streetwear items, head on over to www.uranusclothing.com now! You may also buy their merch at 6twelve Indie, located at 294 2Floor Morante Bldg Corner Junquera and R. Landon St., Cebu City. If you’re in Manila you can find them at MERCH District and T-Shack. Follow Product of Uranus on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you get the latest updates and see their latest designs! 😉

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