Should “Fakes” Get So Much Flak?

“Famous Actress Wears Fake Designer T-Shirt!”
“Actress Spotted Wearing Seemingly Fake Designer Shoe!”

Lately local celebrity “news” sites have been rife with these types of stories. If it isn’t about celebrities wearing “fake” designer clothing it’s about them wearing too many pieces of genuine designer clothing. What gives?
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90s Teen Movies with Outfits that Were Totally Bangin’

Despite my deep affinity for Stranger Things and all the awesome 80s concepts that that show is chock-full of, I am technically a 90s kid. I grew up to the cultural norms of the 90s. I rocked the platform sandals, squealed at the sight of pastel-colored clothes, listened intently as Clarissa explained it all and carefully read the profiles of each Backstreet boy on my cassette tape cover.
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