Cold Weather Dressing: 3 Easy Layered Looks

When the cold winds blow, it’s time for layers to take the show!

Layering is one of the best tricks to make the most out of your wardrobe, especially if you’re a frugal gal like me and have a limited number of clothing. With the weather being so chilly these past couple of months, it’s been the perfect time to put together and wear some of those layered looks.

Achieving a nice layered look can be tricky though. You want to keep warm, but you don’t want to look like you’re expecting a blizzard or that you live somewhere where it snows.

Right now, where we are, we can only dream of snow. (tumblr)

So how do you do it? Here are three easy ways I’ve done it so far, which I’m sure anyone can try and make their own:

  1. Turtleneck top + loose top + culottes

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen my blurry preview of this look-

Yep. It’s a blur.

Here are the clearer pics:

Loose mustard top – Forever21; gray sleeveless turtleneck top – Gaisano! 😀 faux leather culottes – hand-me-down

I got the idea to layer the loose mustard top over a turtleneck top from a shop display at my hometown, plus it reminds me of a recent look from H&M. The loose top can be swapped with a pullover sweater and of course you can have a sleeved turtleneck top underneath for more warmth (mine is sleeveless). You can also choose to wear jeans instead of culottes, but I chose to wear this particular pair since it’s made of faux leather, and there’s no better weather to wear faux leather than cold weather (it gets too warm and uncomfortable to wear in the summer).

Finished off the look with my Vans Old Skools to keep it laid-back, but you can always swap it with some other style of footwear (d’Orsays for a more formal feel, or boots if you’re wearing jeans).

2. Striped, long-sleeved shirt + LBD

I love being able to use individual clothing pieces in a number of ways, which is why I love my LBD. I’ve used it in a previous FOOTD and I decided to use it again in this layered look:

(Apologies for this photo, I had planned to have it taken earlier when the sun was up and forgot all about it until I had no choice but to take it indoors in poor lighting lol)

Both the LBD and the striped, long-sleeved shirt are hand-me-downs (thank you, ever generous sisters!) but thankfully both are also very easy-to-find items, so you should have no problems replicating this look. You could even use a different type of dress, like a trendy slip dress.

Here’s a closeup if you need one, haha (thank you again, oh loving sister for my new choker!)

3. Festive dress + black tights

I was going to wear this last outfit during the Christmas holidays but wasn’t able to, and just decided I would wear it despite the holidays being over since, well… I simply loved it!

Again, this is a hand-me-down dress, but you can use practically any dress for this outfit. It’s the tights that give the added layer and a little more warmth and coverage, and you can find those easily at any department store.

Had to pose with my buddy the nutcracker here because we both look so dang festive! ;p

… And just like my buddy the nutcracker, I finished off this look with a trusty pair of boots (bought at Payless for only Php500, talk about a great deal!). Overall it’s fun, festive and warm but not too warm, which is exactly what we’re going for.

So those are my 3 simple layered looks for this cold and wet season- got any of yours? Do share them with me!

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