Footd: Brown but Not Out

The weather in Cebu has ranged from wet to damp lately, making a lot of people sick (like literally sick) or just super sluggish.

Thankfully I haven’t caught the bug (I really hope I don’t!) and was still psyched enough to put together another FOOTD!

brown 1

brown 2

Okay so the pieces I have on here are mostly hand-me-downs: my loose, almost taupe-colored top, my Aztec printed skirt and my little black choker. This is another example of what I meant in a previous post about making the most of hand-me-downs. The top was actually from my second sister and the skirt from my third, but I put them both together and voila! It actually kind of worked. So that’s another lesson for you right there: mix and match to make the most out of your current wardrobe.

I know many of you probably aren’t blessed with two very generous (and concerned about my fashion sense) sisters, but you can still find pieces like these quite easily. Both the skirt and the top are from Forever21, and these are from previous seasons so you can definitely find pieces like these on sale. Make it a midi pencil skirt and throw on some heels and you’ll look even more polished! I prefer more laid-back looks though, since I take public transportation and do a lot of walking to work.

brown 3

brown 4

As always, I got my black drawstring bucket bag from Trez Marias, and my two-strap slingback flats are from Payless. I love these flats because they’re comfy and practical, and simple enough that they can complement a lot of different casual looks.

This look is not a cheerful one like my daisy dress, but I think it still suits the gloomy weather. It’s relaxed and yet still put-together (that’s usually how I dress nowadays). It also reminds me of mud, which is currently everywhere you look in Cebu (but please don’t let that put you off from trying brown-colored outfits! LOL).

Anyhoo that’s it for this FOOTD. Until next time frugal fashionistas! 🙂

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