Footd: Dotted and Dangerous (but not really)

Hello frugal fashion friends! Got another FOOTD I’d like to share, and it’s looking dotted and dangerous (well, not really).

polka dot dress

polka dot dress 2

I’d like to think that this look has a bit of danger to it, but who am I kidding? I could wear a dress of knives and daggers and it would still look harmless because it’s on me, LOL.

I got this polka dot dress at (you guessed it) a thrift store for less than Php200! I’m pretty sure you can find polka dot dresses most anywhere (especially online), but I think any girly dress would work with this outfit. The sleeveless motorcycle jacket I got from my cousin, which you can easily replace with any masculine type jacket. It’s the balance of feminine and masculine pieces that’s important I think. My girl Eleven knows what I’m talking about:

Work it girl. (pinterest)
Work it girl.

Haha sorry. Still can’t get Stranger Things out of my system. For a more serious example though, check out what Olivia Palermo wore just recently:

And with a pleated dress in such a great color too! (instyle)
And with a pleated dress in such a great color too!

Finished bowing down to this style goddess? Ok good. Back to my outfit of frugal finds! 😀

polka dot dress 3

The black ankle boots I got at Payless for only Php500 (!!!). I’ve always wanted to have boots like these and lucky for me, they were on sale when I stopped by Payless. I finished this look off with my Forever21 choker and my trusty Trez Marias drawstring bag.

While I’ve tried dress and jacket combos before, this particular look I was actually inspired to put together because of what Selena Gomez wore to the Met Gala this year:


While it may not have been the star of the Met Gala, it was still pretty cool and chic, and apparently, translatable into stylish street wear. 😉

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