Footd: Shorts and Simple

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for me (the reason for which I hope to reveal on my Instagram account very soon), but thankfully I still had time to do a couple of FOOTDs!

On the last day of our workweek we’re allowed to wear more casual clothing to work, i.e. shorts and sleeveless tops. I don’t usually take that opportunity but last week I did, in simple black and white.

shorts 1

shorts 2

shorts 3

As I’ve said before, I love black and white. In fact the turtleneck top and the black backpack I’ve got here are the same ones I’ve featured on a previous black and white FOOTD. This time around though, I wore them with my silky black shorts (bought at a department store for around Php200) and shiny black d’Orsay flats (from Trez Marias). I topped everything off with my thrift store animal print cardigan, which cost no more then Php200.

I didn’t have to top it off with the cardigan, but since it’s quite chilly in our office, I opted to. I simply removed it once I was out of the office.

shorts 4

Simple as it may be, I think it’s a great last-workday-of-the-week outfit since it’s got the weekend vibe elements of the shorts and the sleeveless top, but it’s still chic and office-friendly. Shorts day at the office definitely means more than just denim shorts and tank tops, and this is one of the ways to do it.

shorts 5

shorts 6

I must confess that this outfit is actually inspired by one I saw before of Kiernan Shipka:


I just loved how simple yet chic it was, and of course, how I could use my frugal finds to complete the look! 😉

How do you wear shorts during shorts days at work? Do let me know!

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