Footd: Stripes on Stripes

Hello folks! I’m back and armed with another FOOTD!

I took a break from blogging because I had to battle the demogorgon (yeah, I had to insert my extreme fandom over Stranger Things in here somewhere)! But seriously though, I had a bout of gastroenteritis. I’m all better now, thank God. That whole physical purging (sorry for the mental picture) however did cause me to have a mental purging of sorts as well, and I decided to scrap a lot of blog posts I was going to publish.

So now I’m left with FOOTDs and… well, a few post ideas up my sleeve which hopefully, some of you guys will find entertaining and useful. And hopefully I’ll be able to write and publish them before they go too stale! Anyhoo. Back to the topic at hand!

stripes 1

stripes 2

I got these striped culottes on one of my thrift-store excursions and I just thought they were such a great find. Not only are they very affordable (less than Php200 I think), the fit was just right, the fabric is thick and comfy and the details on it- the pockets and the little black ribbon that lets you cinch it at the waist- were just spot on. I also loved the fact that I got my hands on this pair just when a lot of popular stores were selling pairs just like it.

Striped culottes sold at Forever21. You can find them at Zara and Asos too.
Striped culottes sold at Forever21. You can find them at Zara and Asos too.

I decided to top the striped culottes off with an off-the-shoulder top, and while I happened to have one (which I bought from local online store AffordableStuffs), I thought there was just something missing. And then I remembered I had an off-shoulder striped romper and thought, well why not? So actually, I’m wearing a romper underneath these culottes, but betcha wouldn’t have guessed it right? LOL That’s another trick I learned from being uber frugal: maximizing your current wardrobe in ways most people would probably not even think of.

stripes 3

To complete the look, I got my trusty Trez Marias black drawstring bag and d’Orsay flats.

I think this look is quite achievable, as striped culottes are available in many online stores and I even saw several pairs in a local department store as well. Probably the trickier part would be finding the right striped, off-the-shoulder top to go with it. You could pick one just like mine, and make sure that the stripes are slightly larger on top than they are on your bottoms, or you could go with a matching set, like Victoria Beckham did:


And just like Victoria, you could have horizontal stripes on top and vertical on the bottom.

And that’s it for this FOOTD! Hope you guys enjoyed this stripey post. Until next time frugal fashionistas! 😉


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