Footd: The Convenience of a Pleated Skirt

Wearing skirts is often a challenge for me.

I love wearing them, but wearing them can come with a lot of… inconveniences. First off, since I ride public transportation I have to be wary of the hemline at all times. If I’m not careful, climbing up a particularly high jeepney or even just standing defenseless on a blustery day can lead to a wardrobe malfunction or a case of overexposure (if you know what I mean). Skirts can also attract a lot of catcalling, which I absolutely despise to the depths of my being.

Can we put these signs up everywhere please? (pinterest)
Can we put these signs up everywhere please? (pinterest)

But this is all in the case of short skirts. Longer, knee-length and beyond skirts however, are another story.

yellow pleated skirt

I bought this mustard pleated skirt at a nearby thrift store (i.e. ukay-ukay) at the behest of one of my gal pals (thank you Ylonah Jane 😉 ). To be honest I wasn’t so sure of it until I tried it on. I really liked the color and soft pleats, and the fact that it was just long enough for me to freely move about and ride jeepneys without fear of exposure.

mustard pleated skirt

pleated skirt and sweater

Since we’re in the -ber months now we’ve been getting more sweater weather hence, the sweater pairing. This white sweater I got from my sister, but you can easily find ones like this in the department store. Apart from it being sweater weather, I was also inspired to put this outfit together by the many articles I’ve read regarding skirt and sweater pairings.

I completed this outfit with my old reliable black drawstring bag from Trez Marias and a pair of black penny loafers with an animal printed top, which I got from one of my sisters.

It’s a practical and comfortable everyday FOOTD. I totally understand why Victoria Beckham chose to wear this type of skirt (albeit longer) for several days during NYFW:


Of course, Victoria’s take on the pleated skirt is much more high-end and exceptionally fabulous (it is NYFW after all). If you’re just walking around Cebu however, a simple thrift-store find in a great color will be enough to get you looking put-together, even on a blustery day.



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