Footd: Vans-y Not Fancy

Since the beginning of time my boyfriend has been wearing skate shoes. No exaggeration.

Okay maybe not since the beginning of time, but since long before we even met. I paid no mind to them, I just thought they were bulky and a bit pudgy-looking.

Fast forward to this year and how the Vans Old Skool trend seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and suddenly my interest in these so-called skate shoes went from zero to yes please!

Upon hearing of my sudden interest, my boyfriend was only so happy to oblige and bought me my first pair! (Aren’t I just the luckiest girl in the world? ;p)

But buying me a pair wasn’t enough for him. He had to buy us both a pair! (Not sure if he wanted us to go “twinsies” or if he was just jealous of me having Old Skools, LOL.)

A Vans romance.
A Vans romance.

Only after getting my Old Skools and giddily taking in that heavy rubber and suede smell did the question dawn on me: what on earth would I wear with these??

Well it turns out there are plenty of things you can wear with them Old Skools, and not just the fancy-schmancy things that the fashionistas wore during NYFW.

Of course you can wear them with the usual jeans and a tee, but I tried on a few other things that turned out to work pretty well too.

The Culottes Look

My boyfriend hates it when I wear culottes, but I love them! They’re uber comfy, have a unique silhouette and can work with Old Skools in more ways than one.

vans culottes

vans culottes 2

Keeping things simple with this outfit, I decided to go all black by wearing my thrift-store find culottes with your run-of-the-mill white tube top and a black muscle shirt (which I got at a crazy low price here). Replacing the top with a cropped tee and a jacket would probably work too.

The White Dress 

Of course Old Skools can work with dresses too, but mostly with simple, monochromatic ones like this white dress:

white dress

Like LBDs I think LWDs (little white dresses) are good staples to have as they can be layered, be slightly formal or casual, and timeless if properly cared for. This one is actually a pretty old hand-me-down, but I still wear it fairly often. I’ve worn it with dainty flats for a more girly vibe before. With Old Skools it looks more sporty and ready for fun.

The Camo Look

Camouflage has remained one of the top looks of 2016, and it’s also one that works with Old Skools:

camo vans

camo vans blurry

camo vans 2

This shirt is another old hand-me-down, and the jeans I got on sale at H&M for just Php200. This outfit is super simple and easy to put together and pull off, and it still manages to make the most out of the Old Skool’s signature looks.

I’m really loving these shoes and excited to see what other looks I can create with them. Any suggestions? If you have any, let me know and I’ll do my best to create it in my usual frugal way! 😉


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