Frugal Takes on Trends: Stripes

Most women I know are in the same predicament as I often am: I like looking good and I enjoy shopping for clothes, but I detest having to spend a lot of money on shopping.

Another predicament in which I often find myself: appreciating all the latest fashion trends I see online, but then wondering how the heck to wear them IRL (because let’s face it, you cannot wear larger-than-life earrings, a sheer bodysuit or a bra top on the jeepney on the way to work at IT Park.)

It is because of these predicaments that I’ve decided to make this new series entitled “Frugal Takes on Trends”, featuring what else? My frugal, wearable takes on the latest trends! And for this first post, I’m focusing on stripes.

Stripes are pretty easy to pull off, and look clean and classy without even trying. On international runways stripes have been given new life with new silhouettes and a myriad of bright and bold colors.

Image taken from Harper’s Bazaar
Photo by Pietro D’aprano/Getty Images

When I first saw the above dress on InStyle, I fell in love. The stripes, the colors… this dress is undoubtedly gorgeous. But this dress isn’t something us regular working folk can wear everyday. To the beach maybe, but then there’s also the question of ‘how much would I be willing to spend for a fancy dress like this that I’ll only wear to the beach’, right?

So here’s my frugal, more wearable take on it:

This dress (as well as that cute 2D bag) is actually a hand-me-down, but it was also just a department store find. Though it’s not all that ‘stripey’, it does have the same varied stripe widths as the runway dress, and has them in horizontal and vertical that makes the dress look a bit more interesting. It’s on-trend yet still simple, everyday-wearable and of course, affordable.

A lot of the striped looks that have appeared on runways recently are in the form of dresses, but what if you’d like to get on the stripe-trend bandwagon and still wear jeans?

Thankfully, the clothing suppliers at Gaisano have heard your plea:

striped pullover – Gaisano, less than Php250; black jeans – H&M, Php200; boots – Payless, Php500

I love this pullover. I love the combination of colors and that one checkered stripe at the bottom that makes it so much more interesting. It’s just right for those rainy and cloudy days, but the fabric is also thin enough that even if it gets hot out I don’t completely sweat my socks off. Best of all, it’s incredibly cheap!

So five things I’ve taken away from creating these frugal takes on the stripes trend:

  • Try varying stripe widths in one piece of clothing
  • Try stripes in new and different colors
  • Try mixing horizontal and vertical stripes
  • Try stripes with interesting patters (like checkered) mixed in
  • You CAN find really good, updated and affordable striped clothing in department, vintage and online stores, you just have to know what to look for (see first four points).

Hope this post helps you create your own frugal takes on today’s trends. Until my next post, stay fashionably frugal! 😉

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