Proper Etiquette and Tips for Your Next Trip to the Weekend Food Market

Weekend food markets are popping up everywhere in Cebu, and it’s glorious.

food glorious food

Probably the one major downer to these markets? How people can sometimes act in them.

With food markets come wave after wave of hungry, often noisy people and their garbage. This deluge of people can make it easy for any one person to go unnoticed. Some people might find this as an excuse to behave badly. After all, who’s going to notice? But I say hell to the no.


If you’re going to come to a weekend food market, you better learn proper food market etiquette:

  • Clean as you go. There are no waiters or maids or man servants here people! Unless there are, you have to throw your own leftovers and trash. If the trash bins are full or you can’t find them, carry your trash with you until you find another trash bin. It’ll be okay, I promise. Carrying trash for five minutes has never killed anyone (as far as I know!).
  • Be polite. Everyone is hungry (maybe even hangry) and everyone is in a hurry to get their food. That is not an excuse to be rude though. Don’t push, bump or shove and if you do, apologize. Say please, excuse me and thank you, and please, please, please, fall in line.

    yes, even if you're hangry.
    Be polite, even if you’re hangry.
  • Be considerate of other people. Seating is scarce here, so please don’t hog. If you’re done eating, move your party elsewhere so that others can sit and eat their meal properly. Also, if you smoke or vape, please do so in the designated areas.
  • Share a seat, win a friend. I find this saying a bit funny, as I don’t think you immediately win friends by sharing seats. But I do it anyway. Why? Because I know how it feels to have a hot paper plate of pasta in my hand and nowhere to sit except maybe beside those two girls if they would (please God) be willing to share their seat. (Thankfully they did. Thank you two girls.)
    thank you
    And now for some tips!
  • Try as many things as you can! …but only if you can of course. Food markets are the perfect places to sample different kinds of food at one time. If you have food allergies or a sensitive stomach though, I would not recommend it.

    ... within reason, of course.
    … within reason, of course.
  • Bring an umbrella or raincoat and wear comfortable, casual footwear. Most weekend food markets are located outdoors. You wouldn’t want to get yourself or your fancy footwear wet and muddy if it rains.
  • Get there early. Weekend food markets can get really packed really fast, so I suggest getting there as soon as they open so you don’t spend too much time looking for a parking spot, and later looking for someplace to sit.
  • Be watchful of your belongings. Muggers often take advantage of places with plenty of people, so make sure you keep an eye on your belongings.

That’s about all I can share regarding proper weekend food market behavior and tips. Do tell me if you have more to share, and hope you enjoy your next trip to the local food market!

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