Should “Fakes” Get So Much Flak?

“Famous Actress Wears Fake Designer T-Shirt!”
“Actress Spotted Wearing Seemingly Fake Designer Shoe!”

Lately local celebrity “news” sites have been rife with these types of stories. If it isn’t about celebrities wearing “fake” designer clothing it’s about them wearing too many pieces of genuine designer clothing. What gives?

Who’s wearing the fake? Who gives a hoot?? (image taken from

I don’t normally comment on such trivial things as whether or not celebrities wear designer clothes. I really don’t care what they choose to wear. They can wear whatever they want. I am however, a bit bothered by how focused these media outlets are around this topic.

Mostly because I have a soft spot for “fakes”.

To be clear, I don’t go out of my way to buy them. I’m not all that interested in brands and labels, which is often the biggest selling point of “fakes”. But I do buy department store and thrift store items that are kind of like fakes in a sense that they are patterned after designer trends and items.

Exhibit A: my “fake” JumpFromPaper bag patterned after (but not identical to) the original JumpFromPaper bag below

Now I know that you shouldn’t condone fakes. I know that. Because the companies that make them are basically stealing something- a design, a name or an idea- that’s not originally theirs. And I am not here to say that you should buy fakes or to defend the celebrities who wear them.

I think the real issue I’m having with all this fake-or-not-fake focus is– for us regular folk I really don’t think this should matter. Or that we should be judging other people by the “genuine-ness” of their items. Why point out someone wearing a fake to the entire world when I myself can’t afford the real thing? It’s like pointing to a booger on someone else’s nose and telling everyone about it, when I’ve got a big pile of turd on my own head that I’m not seeing.

But right now the “news” is making it appear like this matters a whole lot. At the same time it’s sending a very materialistic message– that wearing big, genuine brands is the biggest deal, the highest ideal when really, what matters is that you look good and feel good in whatever you’re wearing.

Now I know celebrities wearing fakes may be an issue in a sense that by wearing them, they seem to be condoning the use of fakes, and consequently plagiarism, piracy, theft and whatnot. But I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt here, because from what I’ve seen the so-called fakes look pretty real and the celebrities may have just mistaken them for the real things. This essentially means that they’re not condoning the use of fakes, they were simply duped and believed that they were wearing the genuine stuff.

It’s really hard to tell unless you nitpick. (screenshot of one of the “news” headlines)

So what I’m really trying to say here can be summed up in a rhyme (ahem):

Cut the celebrities some slack, don’t give fakes so much flak.

And come on. Everybody gets ideas from everybody nowadays. Nothing is totally, 100% original anymore, especially not in fashion. In one form or another, everyone is wearing a “fake”.

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