The Pensive Peanut is a Finalist at the 9th Best Cebu Blogs Awards!

I am at a loss for words.

When my good friend and amazing colleague Ion told me that she was nominating my blog for the Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA), I really didn’t want to expect anything. There were a lot of other, more established nominees and my blog is barely six months old.

What I did want to do was get back at her by nominating her blog as well. Unfortunately, she didn’t meet some of the criteria (that sneaky little bully. But you should really check her out, her stuff is amazing). I was flattered and annoyed at the same time. It’s a confusing feeling. But overall I was grateful.

And now I’ve been told that The Pensive Peanut is actually a finalist!!! It’s overwhelming. I can’t believe it’s actually up there with some of Cebu’s finest. It’s a great honor.

The Best Cebu Blogs Awards is an annual event on its 9th year now, which recognizes the work of Cebu bloggers of different niches. There are several different awards to be given, namely:

  • Best Cebu Entertainment Blogger
  • Best Cebu Food Blogger
  • Best Cebu Personal Blogger
  • Best Cebu Photo Blogger
  • Best Cebu Style Blogger
  • Best Cebu Technology Blogger and
  • Best Cebu Travel Blogger

These awards will be co-presented by the PLDT consumer business unit, PLDT HOME and the Philippines’ No. 1 residential condominium developer, Megaworld Corporation. There are also special awards presented by some of the BCBA’s official partners. UBER, BCBA’s Official Ridesharing Partner will be handing out the UBER Influencer Award, while The Memoriter Writing Service will be handing out the “Best Creative Writing in a Blog” award.

The awarding ceremony will be held at The Crown Regency Hotel and Towers on the evening of November 27, and will be co-sponsored by Jollibee and Huawei, as well as Greenwich, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Memoriter, JKA Glass and Javders Cebu Projector Rentals.

It’s all very exciting, and I’m all jelly and scrambled eggs inside! (A very odd pairing, I know, but it is what it is.) The Pensive Peanut is up for the Best Cebu Personal Blogger award, and it fills me with pride just to be among the finalists.

We won’t know who the winners will be until November 27, but inside I feel like such a winner already! On that note, I’d like to thank my very supportive and uber talented writer/blogger friends including and, and of course you guys for reading all the crazy things that come out of my brain! Even if I don’t win this one, I hope I can continue to entertain and maybe even inspire you guys with my little corner of cyberspace!

thank you

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