We Are Writers.


Most people who aren’t writers or don’t consider themselves to be writers think that writing is just a job. It’s a task that needs to get done. Like filing, or programming, or accounting. It’s work.

But for a writer, writing isn’t just work.

It’s our escape. It’s our craft. It’s something that we love.

We don’t write just to get paid. We write because we love it. We love expressing ourselves through written words. We love making people feel and think things through our compositions. We love it when people start to act and react to the things we’ve written.

We love it when we create connections with people through the things we write.

It is this connection that businesses want to establish with customers. And so they hire writers.

But unknown to most businessmen, writers aren’t just in the business of writing. We’re in it for the artistry as well. To write is to create, just as an artist creates.

And just like artists we thrive on creativity. Expectations and limits may be set in order to fulfill the needs of a business and writers can accept this, but what we cannot accept is the death of the artistry.

In a corporate scenario, it’s hard to prevent this death. Demands run high, resources are low, and you can be replaced. And people will look at you thinking, why is this person asking so much? Why is she asking for more time, more resources, absolute silence? Is she not working just like the rest of us? What’s so hard about putting 500 words together? Why can’t she just do her job like the rest of us?

In the past, I didn’t want to think that we writers were different, that we needed to be differentiated in the workplace.

But we are different. We are writers.

We’re marketers, artists, poets, educators, communicators, researchers, thespians- all rolled into one.

We work hard to reach our audience with just our words. We struggle to achieve corporate goals like increased engagement and improved sales with only ideas and words as our tools.

But we are also creatives. We thrive on inspiration, exploration, and artistry.

We are devoted not just to the fulfillment of figures, but also to the integrity of written works.

Devotion can be demanding. We need space, time and often silence as our work requires focus and extensive thought. But compromises can always be made. To bring out a writer’s best work, there must be a balance of discipline and creative freedom.

Leave a writer completely to her own devices and she will create things to her own heart’s content, with possibly little regard to yours. Place stringent rules, processes and pressure around her however, and that devotion will wilt away until nothing is left to inspire great works.

There must be a balance.

Because we are not simply workers. We are thinkers and we are creators. We are writers.

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  1. Thank you for sharing about this, you write it really well. I’m actually blessed to have read this article. This reminds me that I’m not just a paid writer, but I also write because this is something I enjoy and passionate about. Continue writing and inspiring people.

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