We Went to 10,000 Roses After Work on a Wednesday, and You Can Too!

(And my friends and I were even able to pick our island hopping boat in the process.)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I last posted something, because LIFE. (Specifically, mini health and writing crises.) But I’m back! And I wanted to share with you all a mini adventure I recently had with my office mates.

We’ve all wanted to go to this unique cafe ever since it opened just a few months ago. If you’re from Cebu, you probably already know it or have been there. It’s called 10,000 Roses Cafe, located in Cordova and is named such because it has what seems to be 10,000 white roses in its front yard that light up at night.

Image taken from 10,000 Roses official Facebook page

Super gorgeous I know, but there was always something holding us back from going. If it wasn’t prior commitments, it was the dread of having to squeeze through the gazillions of people visiting the place on weekends.

But then quite out of the blue, one of my friends and coworker suggested that we go on a Wednesday. She was going to Cordova anyway to reserve a boat for us for an upcoming island hopping event (which I will blog about later!) so she thought, why not stop by 10,000 Roses?

As a full-time office worker I must admit this sounded quite risky and precarious. I’ve lived in Cebu long enough to have heard of the infamous traffic situation going to and from the island of Mactan. And on a Wednesday? When I had to get up at 4:30 AM the next day??? It sounded a lot risky.

As a lifetime resident of Lapu-Lapu however, my friend was confident that we could make it AND still get enough time to sleep and wake up for work the next day. She even set out a schedule. Once she did that (and because I am a sucker for a well-planned outing) I excitedly agreed.

Behold– our entire mini-adventure to Cordova on a Wednesday:

4:00 PM – IT Park to SM City Cebu

We’re usually out by 3:00 PM, but my co-worker still had a few things to do so we officially got out of our office in IT park by 4. We then got on a taxi and headed to SM City Cebu.

Visuals courtesy of Google Maps. Estimated travel time: 30 minutes.

Now I know that many working folk don’t get off earlier than 5 PM, and that’s okay. My friend has told me that the waiting time to get a ride to Cordova has lessened significantly since classes ended, although I would not recommend trying this midweek trip later than 5 PM. You’ll most likely get stuck in traffic or have to wait an hour in line before you can get a ride to Cordova.

If you’re planning to try this midweek trip, I would suggest getting off work as soon as you can, and getting to SM City the fastest way possible to secure seats on the V-hire.

4:30 PM – SM City Cebu to Cordova

When we got to SM City we were among the first in line for the Cordova Van for Hire (V-Hire). This transport will only set you back Php35.

SM City Cebu to Cordova. The van stopped somewhere in the middle of Cordova, near a Julie’s Bakeshop if I’m not mistaken.- ETT: 1 hour

5:30 PM – Cordova!

As my friend and coworker so accurately predicted, we were in Cordova by 5:30 PM. We went to secure a boat first for an island hopping weekend we were planning, so we stopped by the RORO port before heading to 10,000 Roses. Since we made a stop, we took a bit more time than if we had just gone straight to the cafe. We also spent a little more on the tricycle, but normally you’d just spend Php20 each when riding from the V-hire stop to 10,000 Roses cafe.

From V-hire stop to 10,000 Roses Cafe, ETT: 10 minutes

We got there at around 6:30 PM, just in time to catch the roses in all their lit up glory.

Roses all lit up

There was quite a number of people there even though it was the middle of the working week, but I figured it was probably because it’s now summer. It was okay though, because it still wasn’t as crowded as when the cafe first opened.

7:15 PM

After filling our phones with videos and pics, we needed to fill our tummies next. Now most people who visit 10,000 Roses would probably head straight for Lantaw Restaurant since it’s right across the road. BUT! We needed to stick to our schedule, and there was a loooooong line of people waiting outside Lantaw. We simply could not wait. So what did we do?

There are a bunch of tricycles nearby and taxis too that come in bringing people to 10,000 Roses, so you could take those going out. But for us, we took a private van that offered to take us to our next destination for Php150 (that’s Php50 for each of us). Our next destination: Taytayan Floating Restaurant.

Image taken from Taytayan Restaurant official Facebook page

My friend told me that Taytayan is one of the more famous restaurants in the area, but is not as crowded as Lantaw. True enough, we were one of the few groups of people there and were able to eat dinner without having to wait. We also had the time to take a picture or two:

Photos courtesy of Trixie Torralba, check her out you guys! http://goodfoodtrip.com/

8:15 PM – Time to Go

We were ready to leave by around 8:15, and in order to get home in the speediest way possible we used the Grabcar app. If you have more time to spare though you could always take the V-hire back to Cebu City. There are still rides going back until around 9 PM.

9:15 PM – Home Sweet Home!

And that’s how heading to Cordova on a Wednesday is done!!! Hope this post has been useful for you wannabe midweek adventurers. Until next time! 😉


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