4 Clever, Convenient and Conscientious Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Clothes

Fashion trends come and go, but closet space is forever.

Every few months or so I have this tiny problem of “where-am-I-going-to-stuff-this-piece-of-clothing-now?” It’s a problem that stems from having an overstuffed closet, which I think a lot of women have. In many cases, a little closet cleanup (even just refolding everything in the closet) is enough to fix that problem, but when you start tossing things out you get another tiny problem: “how-do-I-get-rid-of-all-these-old-clothes?”


Thankfully there’s more than one way to solve that tiny problem, and they’re not only convenient but clever and conscientious too. Conscientious since they can benefit other people and the earth in general by minimizing waste, and clever because you can get something out of it besides the warm fuzzy feelings of giving.

So without further ado, here are some of the clever, convenient and conscientious ways you can get rid of your old clothes (particularly if you live in Cebu):

Give them to the poor and underprivileged

Now you can hand your old clothes directly to people on the street, or you can drop them off at your local church. Churches often take donations both in cash or in kind. The Sacred Heart Parish in Cebu is one such church that I know that accepts donations like old clothes. Of course, you have to make sure that those old clothes are still usable. You can also drop off your old stuff at the mall in one of these dropboxes:

This particular box is conveniently located at the ground floor of the Metro Store in Ayala, and benefits a handful of pro-poor programs.

For more information on Segunda Mana and how you can help, visit www.caritasmanila.org.ph or email segundamana@caritasmanila.org.ph

Give them away to be recycled

I love H&M because not only do they offer fabulous items, they have a fabulous way of closing the loop and making fashion earth-friendly. They accept old clothes, upcycle them and turn them into gorgeous new ones! So if your old clothes are no longer good enough to be used, you can drop them off at H&M and for every regular-sized bag of your pre-loved stuff you’ll get a voucher for 15% off regular-priced items at H&M! Isn’t that just fantastic?

Make something of them

If you hate seeing things go to waste and are somewhat crafty, then you should definitely consider making something out of your old clothes. Watch this video for some creative inspiration:

If you’re not all that crafty but don’t want to simply throw ratty old shirts and jeans away, you could do what my mother used to do with our old shirts and things – turn them into floor mats and rags so you won’t have to buy any new ones and you get nice clean, dry floors and surfaces.

Sell them online

If your stuff is barely used or just too good to simply give away, you can always sell them at bargain prices. You could choose to sell them on your personal social media pages to your friends, or sell them on online shops. There are quite a number of them on Facebook, and there’s also OLX and many other places where you can sell your old clothes online. (Shameless plug: if you live in Cebu and are interested in buying some of my old stuff, please check them out here, hehe)

Some of my old stuff for sale! (click on link above to check them out)

I’ve recently tried these methods (except the crafty part, not that I’m not crafty I’m just lazy atm, LOL) to get rid of my old clothes and it’s really been quite rewarding. It feels good not just to have more closet space but to know that I’m helping people in the process. And now I can get more vouchers from H&M! Speaking of vouchers, anybody care to have one?

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