Life Without Metro: A Eulogy.

It’s been hard, dealing with Metro Ayala’s passing (into an ash-filled, fire-torn building).

Metro Ayala as I remember it… (Sunstar)

I don’t claim to be Metro Ayala’s number one shopper, I’m not even an avid Metro rewards earner. But ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you– Metro is my sanctuary. It’s my man cave. My go-to place.

Or at least it was.

Anytime I needed to buy something, I always knew where to go. It wasn’t even a question. Metro was just so conveniently located, its products so attractively priced. It would take me just one jeepney ride there, one jeepney ride back. Simple.

Metro was the place I’ve come to know as a reliable source of… well, just about everything. If I needed to shop for groceries and at the same time buy a last minute baby shower gift, it was Metro that gave me discounts on fresh produce and at the same time, offered free gift wrapping. When I needed craft supplies, a pack of new underwear and plastic pots for plants, I only had to head to one place: Metro. And Metro rewarded me for my loyalty… with rewards points. Now I have rewards points that will never see the light of day….

I can no longer count the number of items I’ve bought at Metro. The yards of fabric, the bags of groceries, the rolls of cartolina…

All the baby shower gifts and birthday gifts and Christmas gifts…

Where shall I buy them now?


Since Metro’s passing I’ve had to run from one store to another in search of the affordable items it once had, trying to buy everything I needed all in one place, all for naught. No one place could ever fill that hole that Metro left.

I’ve had to buy one item here, another there– spending more on fare than actual groceries and items. I’ve shopped in so many places, I don’t know where my loyalty lies anymore.

They say so many things about how Metro Ayala fell– that it was premeditated, that it was a case of whodunnit, that it had been a long time coming– I care for none of these things. I just want Metro back.

Come back Metro. Please come back. My rewards points will be lost without you.


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